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Thomas R. TaylorBio: Thomas Taylor, aka"Thewatersparrow", author, artist, and songwriter. I love music, drawing, singing and composing music. The name, "thewatersparrow", is the name of one of my characters in my new sequel to Pure in Heart:the Swan Princess and the Water Sparrow.  In this new volume of the Pure in Heart story, the swan princess magically changes a sparrow into the Watersparrow after he rescues her from peril.

I live in LaGrange, NC, and work at Lenoir Memorial Hospital in Kinston as a security guard. I hope to someday write a best-selling novel and to have a number 1 hit song on the radio. Only time will tell.

I have two daughters - Christina and Sheena. My youngest, Christina, helps me a lot with my music. I hope one day she will pursue a career in music.

All of my recordings were produced at TACC-9 Studio in Kinston, NC. Sandy Jackson did a major part of my music.

My myspace page is www.myspace.com/dsthemusic. You can go on there to find out more about me and what I'm working on. Also, visit www.poets.com and search for "thewatersparrow". There, you can read my poems "The Swan Princess and The WaterSparrow" and "Where are You Now?"

I am an avid fan of the original Star Trek series, from which I derived my pen name, William D.S. Leonard.

I am also an ordained Baptist minister and Associate Pastor with Rouse Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in La Grange, NC, under the direction of my pastor, Rev. Charles Kittrell. I am a member of the Cedar Grove Masonic Lodge 202 in La Grange, North Carolina.

The following video shows my father, Rev. Roosevelt Taylor, Jr., introducing me for my first sermon at Rouse Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

My own personal definition of being "Pure in Heart" is a brief yet simple description of a person who is truly genuine, sincere and a special absolute conviction within; always indicating a clear and calm spiritual presence or a captivating loving mixture of just being a faithful messenger with a powerful message for any situation within extraordinary limits. Whether it be a place,time or circumstances with extraordinary compassion and uncommon courage.

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