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New Album on the Way!
Hidden Sunlight from You

There's a new album on the way from The Watersparrow, titled "Hidden Sunlight from You".

Listen to a preview - "Hey! I'm Splashing Here"

(please note, this track starts off quiet, make sure you wait a few seconds as the soothing audio fades in.)

The Water Sparrow Audio CD


Thomas Taylor's debut recording.

  • Where Are You Now
  • What Would You Do
  • It's Not Over Yet
  • Be With You

Audio CD, 4 songs, 21 minutes;  $10.00

Be With You Video

This DVD brings you the soothing and beautiful music video version of "Be With You". $10.00

The Water Sparrow/Be With You Special Bundle

Get both the audio CD The Water Sparrow and the Be With You DVD for the special bundle pricing -  $14.95.

...or order the CD from

Thomas Taylor / The Water Sparrow: The Water Sparrow

Thomas Taylor & The Water Sparrow: Hey I

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The Watersparrow  in Concert! I will be splashing at the...

Dirts Cycle Shack 3rd Annual Duke Eye Center Pediatrics Benefit
4458 George Abbott Rd., LaGrange NC. 28551

August 21, 2010 from 11:00am - 7:00pm
Music starts about 1:00pm, and The Watersparrow is opening the show, so come early and help me make a big splash.

This is a fund-raiser for Duke Eye Center Pediatrics. In addition to the bands, there will be BBQ and BBQ chicken on sale, a poker run, and more. For more information, or to help sponsor this event, call Cindy (252) 560-8139.

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Comments from Listeners...

“Everytime I hear this song, I love it more and more. ”

“WOW!!! Celestial melody ”

“Wow. I'm usually into metal and never rate the independent musicians but your talent brings me to tears. How wonderfully beautiful this song is! Good job! Props, Terra from AZ ”

“peaceful and lovely... an oasis in a difficult world ”

“Beautiful.Soothing music.Well composed and played. ”

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