The Poetry

Forever Love Adrift

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Be With You

To be with you,… just with you, only you; is to be with you right now my love. And to be with you right now is to be with you always,… today, tomorrow and forever without delay. To be with you is like being on an incredibly long vacation with a spectacular breathtaking view that give great pleasure to see,… I know being with you each and everyday is a wonderful blessing of pure joy and happiness. And being with you makes me the luckiest guy I know and my deepest desires complete… To be with you is like a comfortable home that feels like you,… always welcoming me close whenever I’m near. Then I would want to be in every spacious room I see,… because it make me feel so good to be with you inside. To be with you,… just with you, only you; finally,… YOU!!!

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Not Enough of You

Overshadowed,… and not hidden from public view;
Not enough of you!!!

And a new day,… curiosity taken by surprise;
Not enough of you!!!

But I’m calm, cool and subdued,…
Because I know when I look in your eyes;
You won’t lift me high and leave me blue!!!

Not enough of you,… and what I have is only time;
What I’m I suppose to say or do?

I try to be patient,… and I try to be strong;
Like a beautiful voice,… in a slow love song.

Not enough of you,… I’m trying so hard to be satisfied;
with what I have and what I have is only time,…

And Not Enough of You!!!

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I Pray That You Stay!

I pray… that you stay and never leave me; my love.
I need you today!!!

I pray… that you stay and never leave alone;
now that you’re here, Stay!!!

I pray… that today I will see you again;
for a moment and then.

I pray that today; you’ll cast all of my fears…
so far away. Stay!!!

I pray… when I say “Hello” to you;
only to you. Stay!!!

I pray that today; the pain in my heart…
won’t keep us apart. Stay!!!

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My Allergic Reaction

Suddenly,… from out the blue I see you standing there so far away and beautiful that I gaze and stare.

And the closer I get to you and your face comes into view; my deepest desire of destiny is so very clear.

There is no doubt what this moment is truly all about.
You are a total distraction to my mind, body and soul.

You are the allergic reaction in my spirit I long for.
Without an injection of your love and affection everyday…

The other allergic reaction can cause major symptoms of sadness, emptiness and loneliness that can last a life time.

But I have found you now… and you are in my heart forever. You are my Allergic Reaction!!!

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